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The environment at M Spa has been designed to ensure your privacy and well-being while providing the ultimate experience of complete relaxation. Situated on the top two floors of The Emblem Hotel, we have a closed-in Wellness Centre, a private 24-hour fitness centre, a spacious and naturally lit relaxation room and a private terrace with wonderful comfortable lounge chairs and a rooftop Jacuzzi. We value intimate spaces because we want you to feel like you are at home whenever you are with us. Our space becomes your space when you are here, so we maintain a quiet, calm and relaxed environment throughout both floors of our Spa.

The environment at M Spa has been designed to ensure your privacy and well-being while providing the ultimate experience of complete relaxation.


Wellness Centre

Our wellness Centre has been designed using the finest materials to provide an atmosphere of aesthetic purity and complete luxury that will enhance your experience with us.

Kneipp Path

We recommend that each trip to our Wellness Centre start with the Kneipp therapy—a therapy that dates back to the 19th century when priest Sebastian Kneipp started studying naturopathic medicine and hydrotherapy to recover his health. He discovered that sudden and constant cold water stimuli boosted the immune and circulatory systems.

In our Kneipp path, guests step into a small hot pool, walking on pebbles to massage the feet, then switch to an adjacent cold pool for a maximum effect. It improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and sensations of heaviness and brings oxygenated blood to the lower limbs.

Steam Bath

Next we recommend resting on a heated bench before stepping into our steam bath provided by KLAFS.

First made popular by the ancient Greeks and Romans, the steam bath is a pleasant sweating bath with a sauna-like effect but in a completely different climate-one that is not so hot but more humid. Its positive effects have been well documented making it a popular attraction at our Spa.


The sauna is the centre of the wellness area at any Spa, and continuous development has shown that the current sauna trends centre on adaptability, design and comfort.

For decades, KLAFS has left its mark on form and functionality of the sauna and is now the leader of international developments, so, naturally, we have worked with them to create the most comfortable, effective and design-efficient sauna for our Wellness Centre.

Ice Fountain

The Finns have cherished the interplay of hot air and cold showers for centuries. Each Finnish sauna session is followed by a bout in the snow or in the adjacent icy lake. Even though it can take quite an effort: the medical benefits of freezing temperatures are scientifically undisputed.

After your sauna experience at The M Spa, we suggest you use the ice fountain, provided by KLAFS, as a cooling off therapy. We guarantee the greatest results.

Fitness Centre

Our Fitness Centre is a 24-hour facility with equipment provided by Technogym®, THE WELLNESS COMPANY™. Here you have access to a variety of machines for a cardio zone and a number of free weights. A personal trainer can be available on request.

Relaxation room

After taking advantage of our Wellness Centre or one of our special Treatments, the Relaxation Room is the perfect place to go for peace and quiet. Amongst the ceiling skylights, ambient music and refreshments, you can find some of our most comfy designer furniture—a large, customized Marlieke van Rossum oak table, Serrino armchairs by Marcel Wolterinck for Linteloo and Frigerio Salotti’s Bessie armchairs. Come and relax in this large, airy attic space; you’ll never want to leave.

Terrace with rooftop jacuzzi

Through the Relaxation Room, step outside onto the Roof Terrace and see why it is one of our favourite places in the entire hotel. Lounge in one of our massive Oslo chairs designed by Paola Navone or go up a level to our 2-person rooftop Jacuzzi where you have a straight line of site to the majestic Prague Castle. If you want to see even more of our beautiful city, hop up onto the third tier and gaze out onto the red roofs and the gothic Týn church of Old Town. It’s quite the view.

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